What is Raising the Roof for Charity?
Raising the Roof for Charity is an annual project of the Northshore Home Builders Association. Our members and community pool their time, work, and dedication to building a house that is raffled off. The proceeds from Raising the Roof for Charity benefit local deserving charities. Since 1994, this project has donated over $5 million to the local Northshore community.

What are the charities benefiting from Raising the Roof for Charity?
The 2018 charities are: Louisiana Children's Discovery Center, St. Tammany Hospital Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West

How much are tickets?
Tickets are $100

How many tickets will be sold?

When is the Grand Drawing for the Raising the Roof for Charity 2017 Home?
Saturday, June 2, 2018

When are the Cash Drawings?
Please see Early Birds

Do I need to be present to win any prizes given away (Grand Drawing, Cash Drawings, Free Ticket Fridays)?

Can I win more than one Cash Drawing?
Yes! Once a winner is pulled for an Early Bird Drawing, their ticket goes back into all drawings. You can win up to $20,000!

Where is the home located?
4192 Cypress Point Drive, Covington, LA 70433

Who is building the Raising the Roof for Charity Home?
The outgoing President of the Northshore Home Builders Association traditionally builds the Raising the Roof for Charity Home. This year's home is being built by Blake Mendheim of 110 Builders

What is the total value of the home?
*to be determine* 

What are the taxes collected at the time of transfer of the home to winner?
A “gaming tax” is collected at the time the house is transferred to the winner of the home. This has typically been 25% of the appraised value of the house in past years, however, this may change from year to year. The winner of the home is then responsible for State and Federal Income Taxes when they file their personal tax returns. We do not calculate or collect for their personal taxes due on the home.

What is the square footage of the home?
*to be determined*

What is the size of the lot?
Approximately 80x120

What are the floor plans for the home?
*to be determined*


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